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WOTOFO Pre-Built Coils (10 Pack)

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WOTOFO Prebuilt Coils Are High Performance Coils, Perfect When Used With Rebuildable Tanks. High Quality And Built To Last A Long Time Before Needing To Be Changed. Perfect For Use With Any RTA / RDA / RDTA / RBA.
Dual Core Fused Clapton - 0.28
N80 0.28 ohm Inner Core: 26Gx2 Outer Wire: 36G Internal Diameter: 3mm
Dual Core Fused Clapton - 0.62
N80 0.62 ohm Inner Core: 28Gx2 Outer Core: 38G Internal Diameter: 3mm
Tri Core Fused Clapton
N80 0.17 ohm Inner Core: 26Gx3 Outer Wire: 38G Internal Diameter 3mm
Quad Core Fused Clapton
N80 0.26 ohm Inner Core: 28Gx4 Outer Wire: 36G Internal Diameter: 3mm
Fused Clapton
N80 0.5 ohm Inner Core: 26G Outer Wire: 38G Internal Diameter: 2.5mm
N80 0.28 ohm Inner Core: (26G+36G)x2 Outer Wire: 0.1mm x 0.4mm Internal Diameter: 3mm
N80 0.24 ohm Inner Core: 0.3mm by 0.6mm Outer Wire: 40Gx32 Internal Diameter: 3mm
Framed Staple Clapton N80 0.33 ohm Inner Core: 28G+38Gx9+28G Outer Core: 36G Internal Diameter: 3mm
What's Included?
10 x WOTOFO Pre-Built Coils
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Manufacturer WOTOFO
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