Once you’ve found your perfect vaporiser and invested in a high-quality vape starter kit, you can rest easy knowing that it will serve you for months on end. If you get a reusable device, you won’t have to invest in new batteries, mouthpieces, tanks, or chargers for a while.

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The only recurring investment you’ll have are e-liquids and vape coils. Since you can quickly get next day delivery from our warehouse through Amazon Prime, you can sit back, relax, and wait for everything you need to arrive. We have over 1200 product lines in stock, so you won’t have to worry about missing out on great deals on your favourite vape products.

The only thing you need to worry about is how often to order your vape juices and atomisers. Vape juices can have a long shelf life, and if you store them correctly, you can enjoy them for quite a while.

However, vape atomisers are another thing altogether, and you might need to replace them more frequently. So, how often should you place your coil orders? How long do vape coils last? Let’s find out.

How Long Do Vape Coils Last?

How long your vape coils will last depends on many different factors – how much you vape, which e-liquids you’re using, the power settings on your vapes, how you maintain your vaporisers and vaping accessories, and more.

What all of this means is that there isn’t a precise answer to how long your vape coils will last. You might be using them for only a few days, or you might enjoy them for a full month.
If you’re an average vaper using a regular vape atomiser, you should expect it to last you anywhere between one and two weeks. A heavy vaper might only be able to use it for a few days.

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If you’re into sub-Ohm vaping, you need a more powerful device and a suitable coil with lower resistance. Sub-Ohm coils have a much shorter life span, rarely lasting more than four to seven days.

If you’re in need of replacement coils, the Fog Works has you covered. We always order our coils and vaping accessories in bulk, bringing you massive price savings when you buy from us. You can easily find any vaping product you need on our site, and enjoy next day delivery through Amazon Prime.

How to Clean Vape Coils?

Every part of your trusted vaporiser needs to be cleaned on occasion (except for the battery!). You need to thoroughly clean the mouthpiece, the tank, the O-rings, and of course – the vape coils.

If you’re a beginner vaper, you might find cleaning the atomisers slightly more challenging than cleaning the rest of your vaporiser, but don’t worry, it gets much easier once you’ve gotten used to it.

First, you need to get a suitable cleaning solution – vinegar, ethanol, or even that old vodka that’s been sitting in your cupboard can be useful.

Leave your dirty, clogged-up coil to soak in this cleaning solution. Soaking for a few minutes up to an hour can work wonders.

TFW-how to clean any type of vape coil

After soaking, you’ll want to rinse out the vinegar/ethanol/vodka by simply placing your coil under lukewarm water. You can use an old toothbrush to gently clean any stubborn built-up residue. After that, pat the coil with a paper towel and leave to air dry.

Different vape coils will benefit from different cleaning methods, so go and see how to clean any type of vape coil in our full article.

Why Do My Vape Coils Burn Out So Fast?

There are several reasons why your vape coils might be burning out faster than you expect them. The number one reason is that you vape too much.
The more you vape, the quicker you’ll go through your vape coils and e-liquids – it’s as simple as that. Competitive vapers who need to practice their tricks, for example, often go through atomisers and vape juices much faster than any other type of vaper.

How Can I Make My Coil Last Longer

On the other hand, casual vapers who frequently forget their vaporisers in their drawers find that their coils and e-liquids last them for months on end.

Another common reason why you’re going through coils much more quickly than others could be that you’re using too high a voltage. Not all atomisers can withstand powerful vaporisers, so try and experiment with the voltage and wattage settings, and see if your coils start lasting longer.

How Can I Make My Coil Last Longer?

The first thing you need to do is get a high-quality coil. Not all coils are made of the same materials, and some are simply poorly made. So, if you want to enjoy your atomisers for a bit longer, get better ones. Since coils need frequent replacing anyways, the price difference isn’t that great, and you can easily find affordable, high-quality coils on the Fog Works.

You could also try using ceramic coils. They’re known for their longevity as they’re not prone to oxidation and similar issues like traditional metal coils.

To make your atomisers last longer, you’ll need to properly clean and maintain them as needed. As you’ve seen above, cleaning the coils isn’t that complicated, and it will have a significant impact on the overall coil longevity.

Finally, make sure that the coils you’re using are compatible with your vaporiser. If your vaping device is too powerful for the coil, it will burn out more quickly and leave an unpleasant taste in your mouth.

How Long Should I Let My New Coil Soak?

Many vapers like to break in or prime their new coils before they start using them. It can impact the coil life-span and give you a few extra days of usage. To prime the coil, you’ll need to effectively soak it in vape juice.

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Before you screw in the atomiser, you’ll want to place a drop or two of vape juice directly on the wicking material. It will help you avoid burning the wicking material and tasting that horrible burnt flavour.

After you’ve done this, screw in the atomiser and fill up the tank with vape juice. Don’t turn your vaporiser on just yet! Take a few dry hits (without pressing the power button). This will allow the coil to soak up the vape juice properly. Don’t take more than three or four dry hits as you’d risk flooding the atomiser and causing the e-liquid to climb up the mouthpiece when you turn your vaporiser on.

Is VG or PG Better for Coils?

Since high VG vape juice is a much thicker liquid, it can quickly clog up your entire device and make the coils burn out faster. So, going for higher-PG vape juices is generally a better option.

vape juice for longer-lasting coils

However, what matters when choosing the vape juice for longer-lasting coils is the ingredients. If you always go for flavours with more sweeteners, your coils will suffer as the sugars will cause a gunk build-up.

So, go for higher-PG vape juices without too many added sweeteners, and enjoy your coils for longer.

How Do You Know When a Vape Coil Is Bad?

You’ll know immediately if your vape coils are bad. You’ll start experiencing more dry hits, and you’ll feel a burnt taste in your mouth. The e-liquids will lose much of their flavour, and you’ll just have a bad vaping session.

Final Thoughts

Vape coils can’t last forever, but there are simple things you can do to prolong their life. Get high-quality atomisers, clean them regularly, keep an eye on your vaporiser’s settings, and use the right vape juices.

Whether you need replacement coils, vape juices, vaping accessories, or other vaping products, the Fog Works will always have your back. So, browse through our site, and find the best, most affordable vaping products in the UK.