Vape juices come in all shapes and sizes, with thousands of different flavours and flavour combos. So, when you first start vaping, you could easily be tempted to stock up on all the delicious e-liquids and juices you could find, especially since you can get next-day delivery from the Fog Works through Amazon Prime.

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But is that such a good idea? What if they expire? What if they go bad? How long does e-cigarette even last? Well, let’s find out.

How Long Does a Bottle of Vape Juice Last?

There isn’t a clear-cut answer to how long your bottle of vape juice will last. Primarily, bottles of e-liquid come in a wide variety of sizes. You can find a 10ml bottle just as easily as you could a 180ml bottle.
Naturally, a larger bottle that carries more liquid will last much longer than a sample-sized one. If you prefer buying your vape juices in bulk, going for a larger bottle will make much more sense – practically and financially.
At The Fog Works, we already buy in bulk, so stocking up on larger e-liquid bottles from us will significantly impact your savings.
As a general rule of thumb, e-liquids have a very long shelf-life when stored properly. Regardless of their size, they should last anywhere from one to three years before opening.

How Long Does 100ml Vape Juice Last?

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100ml vape juice bottles offer as much flavour variety as any other e-liquid packaging, so you won’t be losing on the unique tastes and aromas if you go for these big boys. You can decide on your specific nicotine content, and mix and match different flavours to get something uniquely your own.
As far as their longevity goes, their shelf-life can easily go up to three years. But how long a 100ml bottle will last once you start using it depends mostly on how much you vape. The more you vape, the more quickly you’ll use up your e-liquid.
Heavy vapers will typically enjoy their 100ml bottle for as long as a month. A moderate vaper will get to use it twice as long, while a casual vaper could go several months without buying a new vape juice bottle.

How Long Does 50ml Vape Juice Last?

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A vast majority of experienced vapers prefer buying 50ml bottles of vape juice. They provide more value for your money as they commonly come with a much more affordable price tag than smaller bottles. On the other hand, they’re not as bulky as 100ml bottles, so they’re more convenient for use on the go.
A 50ml vape juice bottle should serve a heavy vaper for up to two/three weeks. Moderate vapers will usually get to enjoy this convenient bottle for about a month. And finally, casual vapers will typically find that 50ml bottles last them two months on average.

How Long Does 10ml Vape Juice Last?

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10ml vape juice bottles are by far the most common ones you’ll find in e-cigarette shops. You can easily navigate our site to find this specific bottle size.
Their smaller size makes them easy to carry around discreetly. Additionally, you’ll enjoy a mess-free experience when you’re refilling your vaporiser as 10ml bottles have a small nozzle that can fit nicely inside even the slimmest vape tank.
If you’re a heavy vaper, the 10ml bottle of vape juice should last you up to a week. Two weeks if you’re a moderate vaper, and about a month if you use your vaporiser only a few times a week.

How Long Does 2ml Vape Juice Last?

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2ml vape juice bottles are the smallest ones you’ll find on the market. They’re ideal for filling up most vaporiser tanks just once. Most SMOK vaporisers and pods, for example, have a capacity of up to 2ml. So, if you want to avoid frequently opening your vape juice bottle and exposing its contents to the elements as you’re filling up your tanks, 2ml bottles are for you.
They’ll help you preserve the fresh taste and aroma, and you won’t have to worry about experiencing frequent dry hits.
A heavy vaper will use a 2ml bottle for about a day. Moderate vapers will get about two full days of use, while casual vapers could enjoy it for up to a week.

How Long Does Vape Juice Last Before It Expires?

As mentioned, most vape juices can have a shelf-life of between one and three years (with two years being the average). Every bottle should have a “best before” date printed on the packaging, so you should clearly see how much time you have to use it up.
However, keep in mind that the “best before” date is normally just a suggestion. How long a vape juice actually lasts before it expires depends on how it’s stored.
E-liquids are sensitive to light, air, and temperature. If they’re exposed to sunlight, oxygen, or extreme temperatures, they won’t last nearly as long as they ought to.
That’s why 100ml bottles, for example, often lose their flavour much faster than smaller ones, even if their expiration date seems further away. You’re constantly opening them and exposing them to the elements as you’re refilling your tank, so they lose some of their charms. You’ll rarely experience the same thing with a 2ml bottle.

How Much Vape Juice Do You Use a Day?

Of course, how long vape juice lasts depends mostly on how much you use it, and at times – even how you use it.
If you never put your vaporiser down, you’ll notice that your e-liquid runs out much faster than what we’ve stated.
Since most vapers started relying on vape juices to quit smoking traditional cigarettes, perhaps the easiest way to calculate how much a vape bottle will last you is by comparing it to a pack of cigarettes.
On average, a 10ml bottle of vape juice is the equivalent of 100 traditional cigarettes. So, if you used to smoke a pack of 20 cigarettes a day, a 10ml bottle of vape juice should last you about five days. A 100ml bottle should last up to 50 days.
However, there’s another thing you need to take into consideration – your vaporiser. If you’re a competitive vaper and use sub-ohm devices and higher temperatures to get denser clouds, you’ll go through your vape juices more quickly.
More powerful devices will vaporise more e-liquid at a faster rate to give you those full clouds you’re looking for.

How Do You Know If Vape Juice Is Bad?

There are several tell tale signs that your e-liquid’s gone bad. You’ll notice a different appearance, smell, and taste.
First, pay attention to the colour. Vape juices can come in many different colours, often depending on the type of flavour. Minty e-liquids will usually be light green, citrusy ones yellow or orange, berry flavours will be red, etc. Whatever the colour, your vape juice should be bright and clear.
If you notice that it’s become unusually dark or cloudy, it’s best to throw the vape juice out.
Another visual sign of a bad vape juice is floating specs or separated liquid. E-liquids are made from several ingredients that have different densities, so it’s common for them to separate if they’ve been sitting too long. If you shake up the bottle a little, everything should go back to normal.
However, if the e-liquid’s still separated and you still notice solids inside it, throw it out.
As far as the scent and flavour are concerned, you’ll notice immediately if you’re dealing with an expired vape juice. Fresh e-liquids should be sweet-smelling, and their taste should be pleasant.
If the smell or taste is off, and if you start experiencing too many dry hits, it’s likely that your vape juice has gone bad.

Can Bad Vape Juice Make You Sick?

Spoiled vape juice shouldn’t make you sick. Again, the expiration date is just a suggestion, and if the vape juice is stored properly, it can far outlast its “best before” date.
But while you shouldn’t encounter any specific side-effect of spoiled vape juice, you will experience some unpleasantness.
Bad vape juice often has a pretty bad taste, and its scent isn’t nearly as pleasant as it ought to be. You’ll notice a bitter flavour, and you won’t enjoy the smell that’s filling the room. If you have a sensitive nose, you might feel sick, but that’s about it.
You’ll also encounter many more dry hits with a vape juice that’s past its prime. You’ll get a strong throat hit, and you’ll find the experience everything but enjoyable.

How to Maximise the Life of Your Vape Juice?

Equipment You Will Need

To maximise the life of your vape juice, you need to learn how to store it properly. Since e-liquids are sensitive to air, light, and temperature, you’ll want to store them in cold, dark places. Your fridge (or even freezer) is often a better storing place than your drawer.
Vape juices won’t get frozen solid in a freezer, but they will get thicker. So, before you fill up your tank and start vaping, bring the e-liquid up to room temperature.
Also, make sure that you tightly close the lid after you’ve filled up your tank. That way, you’ll minimise the chances of it oxidising and losing its intense flavour.
If you don’t vape often, make sure to empty your vape tank before storing your vaporiser away. E-liquids will go bad more quickly when stored in the vape tank and can cause additional problems. If you haven’t properly closed the tank, the vape juice could leak into the battery and ruin your vaporiser.

The Bottom Line

As you’ve seen, how long your vape juice lasts depends on many different factors. How much you vape, which vaporiser you’re using, how well you’re storing your e-liquids, and more.
The better you treat your e-liquids, the longer they’ll serve you. So, make sure you store them properly and pay attention to the telltale signs they’ve gone bad before you fill up your tank.
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