Although vaping has been on the scene for a while now, many people are still new to it. If it’s your first time vaping, its good to know how to do it properly to have the best experience possible.

In this post, we’ll cover everything you need to know to vape properly. From how to inhale to how to use vape pens, by the time you’re done reading, you’ll be a vaping expert. Continue reading below to learn how to vape properly.

How to Inhale a Vape Properly

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When people talk about vaping, they mean the act of inhaling vapour from a vaporiser device, such as an e-cigarette or vape pen. Although vaping and smoking are two different things, vaping can give you the lung hit sensation that smokers crave while having a cigarette. Vaping is meant to replicate the act of smoking but with less harmful side effects.

Vape liquid (also called e-juice or e-liquid) is what’s inside the vape. While most e-liquids contain some amount of nicotine, not all of them have the ingredient. The consumer can decide the flavour and nicotine content of their e-liquid, which is why vaping is an immensely popular alternative to smoking.

All vapes work roughly the same way. A battery heats a vape coil that vaporises the liquid inside. Then you inhale the vapour via the mouthpiece. In some ways, vaping is more comfortable than smoking as most devices only require you to press a button and inhale.

If you are new to vaping or some time has passed, it might be challenging to inhale properly (especially if you haven’t smoked before). Inhaling improperly might give you an unpleasant experience, such as a bad cough or head sickness. There are two techniques to inhale your vape, the mouth to lung technique, or the direct to lung method.

Mouth to Lung Technique

This technique is suitable for smaller vapes, or e-liquids that have high nicotine content. Using the mouth to lung technique will help you avoid a massive rush of nicotine since you have more control over your inhale. Here’s how to do it:

  1. Drag vapour into your mouth (similar to sucking on a straw)
  2. Hold the vapour in your mouth for two to three seconds
  3. Open your mouth and breathe normally (don’t swallow)
  4. Exhale the vapour from your lungs

The Direct to Lung Method

This method is usually recommended for experienced vaping enthusiasts or those using large vape devices. Since large vapes have less resistance, the vapour shoots out of the mouthpiece much faster than a small vape or pen. As a result, it’s much easier to inhale directly to the lungs.

Here’s how to do it:

  1. Draw the vapour into your mouth
  2. Exhale the vapour from your lungs

Remember that the higher the nicotine content, the harsher the inhale will be. To make sure you don’t get a massive head rush, start small, and gradually increase the amount of vapour you inhale. If you’re a beginner, try practising with a liquid with no nicotine content. When you’re ready, you can find a juice with the right amount of nicotine and flavour.

How to Smoke a Vape Pen Properly

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Vape pens have quickly taken the vaping scene by storm as they are compact, convenient and easy to use. If you are new to vaping, you can learn how to use a vape pen within minutes. To learn how to vape properly with a pen, first, you need to understand how a vape pen works.

Almost all vape pens contain the same parts:

  • battery: This is the power source that heats the coils and vaporises the e-liquid inside.
  • Atomiser: This component is where the e-liquid is stored and connects directly to the battery.
  • The mouthpiece: This is where you draw your vape and where the vapour transmits into your mouth.
  • The charger: This isn’t directly a part of the vape pen, but a separate component used to recharge the battery.

Essentially, vape pens work similarly to other vape devices but are typically smaller and more portable. Thankfully, it’s not rocket science. The battery heats the atomiser, and you inhale the vapour from the mouthpiece.

To make the best of your vape pen experience, there are a few things to consider before you get to vaping. For starters, you want to choose the right e-liquid. Above, we mention how some e-liquids come in different flavours and nicotine content. So, choose an e-liquid that’s suitable for you.

Next, load up your vape pen with the appropriate e-liquid, and you’ll be ready to inhale. Simply press the button and slowly drag your vapour into your mouth. Then, hold the vapour in for a few seconds, open your mouth, and inhale. Finally, exhale the vapour from your lungs, and you’ve just successfully used your first vape pen.

Remember, there is no “official” way to vape. It all solely depends on your goals and desires. You don’t even need to inhale and hold if you don’t want to. However, if you’re going to simulate smoking a cigarette and achieve that lung hit, you’ll need to inhale your vapour.

Also, it’s essential to know that if you end up coughing the first few times you hit your vape pen, that’s completely normal. The coughing sensation won’t last forever, as your body will eventually get used to it. Additionally, some e-liquids might be stronger or contain a flavour your body doesn’t react well to, so always try and take note of which e-liquids work best for you.


There you have it! Now you know countless ways on how to vape properly. Vaping correctly is crucial if you want to have a pleasant experience. We recommend you give all the techniques above a try to find something within your comfort zone.

What are your thoughts on vape pens? Do you think they work better than conventional devices? Make sure to check out Fog Works to see a wide selection of high-quality vapes and vape parts. Now you’re ready to hit your vape with confidence!