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ALFA Labs Absolution e-Liquid is the newest range from the premium manufacturer. Featuring 20 brand new flavours Absolution is sure to get your taste buds going! 

Jam Donut Oh my donut. The jammiest, tastiest donut you'll find.
Sour Apple Sharp Original apple taste.
Black Current Bina Takes you back to the summers of child hood.
Berry Crumble Delicious, sweet berry crumble.  When Granny wasn't making apple pie, she was making this!
Apple Pie & Custard A sweet and savoury treat.
Blue Berg Fruits, aniseed and a hint of menthol make for a mouthwatering and refreshing vape.
Mixed Berry Menthol Ripe mixed berries and cooling menthol.
Rainbow Candy So many fruit flavours.  A cornucopia if you will.  If you put them side by side, you might say it almost looks like a....rainbow?
Red Slush What can we say?  It's the flavour of your favourite red slushy drink!  Ice cold, refreshing and fruity.
Blue Slush What can we say?  It's the flavour of your favourite blue slushy drink!  Ice cold, refreshing and fruity.
Redder Stare Sweet and Refreshing treat!
Ruby Mango Blasting fresh fruit onto your taste buds!
Salted Caramel Savoury treat.
Lemon Cheesecake Sweet, tart lemon drizzled on beautiful creamy cheesecake and buttery biscuit base
Tropical Crush Refreshing forest fruits.
Cherry Bakewell Flavours of delicious short crust pastry, jam, frangipane and almonds combine to recreate this popular and tasty treat.
Cherry Cola It's a classic!
Fizzy Blue Bottles Just like those fantastic fizzy blue cola bottle sweets!
Pink Lemonade A sweet, sharp and juicy lemon and pink grapefruit combo.
Peaches & Cream The Perfect combination.
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1 x Absolution e-Liquid Short Fill
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