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Product Definitions

  1. ‘Kit’ Refers to a starter vape kit, usually containing everything needed except battery’s & liquid (If applicable).
  2. ‘MOD’ refers to a device which is used to power the tank, usually powered by an internal or external battery’s.
  3. ‘Tank’ refers to a fill-able container which holds e-liquid, and is powered by a mod. A tank atomises liquid to produce vapour,
  4. e-liquid / e-Juice’ refers to a liquid made for vaping devices which is usually used to fill tanks. e-Liquid can contain nicotine if applicable.
  5. ‘Li-on’ battery is a lithium ion battery. Li-on battery’s are used to power the majority of replaceable battery mods.
  6. ‘Coils’ or ‘coil’ refer to atomizer cores. These are the heating element of a tank which is used to atomise liquid.


  1. We reserve the right to change a products price at any time.
  2. Products sold on are intended for specified usage as stated by the manufacturer. We are not liable for any loss or damage caused by the misuse of products sold on our website.
  3. SCR LTD is not liable for any damage / injury or direct loss caused by improper usage of Li-on battery’s.
  4. SCR LTD is not liable for any damage / injury or direct loss caused by improper usage of mechanical or ‘mech’ mods. Mechanical mods are unprotected mods creating a direct circuit between a battery and tank. There are no safety protections. A good understanding of ohm’s law and circuitry is required to operate this type of mod safely and effectively. Improper usage can result in shorts & overload of battery which can lead to venting / explosion of the Li-on battery.
  5. SCR LTD is not liable for any damage / injury or direct loss caused by consumption of e-liquids.
  6. SCR LTD is not liable for any damage / injury or direct loss caused by health issues from the usage of e-cigarettes, users are advised make their own enquiry before considering usage.
  7. Images shown of products on our site are for illustrative purposes only and may not bear a direct resemblance of the product.
  8. Product packaging from time to time can be changed by the manufacturer.

Your Rights

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  3. If a requested product is out of stock or we are unable to supply it to you for any other reason we will notify you and follow with a refund / replacement similar product, we will always give you an option.

Faulty Products

  1. If a product you receive from us is faulty on arrival you must notify us within 24 hours of delivery.
  2. Warranty periods are different for each type of product please refer to our ‘warranty’ page.

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